Celebrating 15 Years

Artisan bowyer Attila Keresztes is celebrating 15 years making custom bows. It started with a single bow in 2004 that he made for himself and grew into a full time business that supports him and his family. With a passion for quality and satisfaction Attila rigorously inspects the materials and finished product to ensure he only sends out his best.

Join him throughout 2017 with special promotions and new bow models being introduced. Tell your friends and family!

Did you know?

  • In 2006 Attila was contracted to make 20 Mongolian bows for the TV show “Amazing Race” which can be seen in Leg 2 of 10th race.
  • Attila has crafted over 2000 bows since 2004.
  • Sourcing good bamboo can be difficult as it can come from the manufacture with blemishes that Attila refuses to use in his products.